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Blenheim Barracks, Aldershot First two weeks Basic Training at Blenheim Barracks 1956 New Intake arriving at 2 Trg Bn B Coy Willems Bks Aldershot L/Cpl Beck with drill squad 1957(?) Jock Wagstaff & Big Bill Knighton Thanks to A Bordoley (1952-54): Willems 1961 pre-demolition B Coy Sgts Mess - Willems Barracks 1958 L/Cpl Beck 1957 - scruffy bugger with spots CSM Symes, B Coy 2 Trg Bn RASC Willems Bks 1956 CSM (name forgotten) B Coy 2 Trg Bn Willems Aldershot 1958 Cpl "Leo" Beck 1958 Sgt "Leo" Beck in poncy pose Cpl Beck in Drill Pig pose Drill Competition Squad with Cpl Mackenzie, Willems Bks 1956 Intake 424 with Drill Sgt Copage, Willems Bks, 1956 Home Sweet Home. Room 42, Willems Bks, 1956 Ptes Hudson & Beck at Willems1956 (NB: Not parade-ready!) Cpl Edgar, Sgt Blackburn, L/Cpl Beck L/Cpl Joe Kinson - keen Regular. Jock Wagstaff Thanks to G Gault for this Trade Training Group 1957 Thanks to Brian Beckett: Passing Out Photo with yours truly Veterans Badge 2008 Maintenance of Army Discipline Then and now. Where did 50 years go?